Thursday, June 20, 2013

Let me play a song for you

music radiates
through the setting sun's protest
'Let me play a song for you'

only dusty wasps
dance to the twilight request
'Let me play a song for you'


Linked to dVerse's Form for All: The Princess’ Poem to her Secret Love

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Mirror Image
Rivaling, Cloning, Mating
Carbon      Copy        Alter      Ego
Mirroring, Replicating, Equaling
Parallel Portrait


Recycling this poem from April for dVerse's Entwin(n)ed Poetics because it was fun and I am lacking inspiration with the move this upcoming week. I don't know if I'll get to posting any more poetry for the rest of the month, but I'll be back in July charged with inspiration from the move and travels for poetry and haiku.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Conversation ( #5prompt #thepush #mpy )

speak to me in softness
over candlelight
reclaiming the art
of lost conversation
as the wine glass empties

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anger Squalls

Masked by bought and borrowed veils

Naught but lies and tall tales;

Like a rare ride through the dales--

Jump track and the train derails;

Anchor set in anger squalls

Wait for the weak-willed wails

Berating until faith fails

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wake Up!

I watch my generation and the younger
Follow, follow, follow
Too busy texting
Too busy photo taking
Too busy chatting
Too busy posting
To realize the lies
To realize the misinformation
To think for themselves
Wake up from the Matrix!

Stop the oil production
Stop the natural gas production
Increase the clean air regulations-
that will cease coal production
How will you drive with no gas?
How will you charge you electric car with no coal?
How will they manufacture your iphone with no-
Petroleum based plastics?
What will millions of people do for work?
How will they feed their families?
Maybe plant their own gardens if they have a home left?
GMO's cheaper than organic?
Don't like the GMO corn?
Fine use it for fuel-
But where will we grow our food
-when all the land is used for fuel?

Some crazy who shouldn't have a gun-
shoots some people
So take away everyone's guns?
Criminals will still find a way-
Hello?! Criminal!!
Too busy Facebooking- 
to know someone broke in
Take away everyone's guns-
Everyone's but the government
A government who will pass a bill without reading it!!!
These are your elected officials!!!
Did you even vote???
Too busy Instagraming?
To know the budget crisis?

Wake up!
Everyone has an agenda!
From the environmentalists to the oil producers
From the corn growers to the manufactures
From the lobbyist to the politicians
Statistics spun to favor the seller
Don't just jump on whatever is the hot ticker item for the moment
Without looking at both sides
Without looking at the bigger picture

Knowledge is power
Get your head out of the technology cloud
Do your research
Think big picture
Think long term
Think globally
Use your voice
Make a difference
This is the life we're making
This is the world we're making
For ourselves
For the next generation


Since June is  the month of Allen Ginsberg's birthday Kerry at Real Toads encouraged us to howl or rant about something we feel we needed to let off some steam about. Everyone seems to have a cause that they latch on to, but it amazes me how often people will just go along with whatever is flavor of the month issue without doing the research, without thinking about how it affects the system-locally, regionally, globally, and for future generations. I happen to be on the older side of Gen Y and it seem like a lot of us don't care or are too busy or think that our voice doesn't count-when we're the one who are going to have to live in the messed up world for the next 60-80 years. So its time for us to wake up and speak up!