Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Haiku Collection

wash away the grime, cleanliness brings good fortune all thru the new year

The perfect hope
Ask naught but love and light
Merry Christmas

Ulmaceous tree
Reach back into the sunshine
Vital nutrients

a life raft set sail
diaphanous hopes to live
tragedy at sea

when wishes collide;quietly disputatious
trapped in desiring

Sasquatch photo blitz
Sham for believing nupsons
Attention Grabber

Sneak up uncannily
Now contagious

the lost wife, misled by time
retrace love's steps

Beneath wrapping dreck, rumor of Christmas treasure
Oh, carpe diem!

Altruistic acts
First kisses neath mistletoe
Rent Holiday dates

a most unpleasant-incandescent with anger-absurd reaction

Looking like Christmas
Presents underneath the tree
Love to keep me warm

The Moon owes the Sun
Looking at the Sun is pain
Beauty is the moon

stealing gifts~no holiday cheer ~you're too mean

Leave be my precious
Don't kin what it means to me 
Only one to rule

World at a cross road
Mayan's say end is coming
Where will you be then?

Not prone to gossip~More a quiet observer~Taciturn nature

To mind your manners
Well composed palinola
Graceful you become

Lusting after you
Can't get you out of my veins
My heart's obsession

Tough times lie ahead
Journey will not be easy
Are you still with me?

Spotlight shines on us
Juggling fame and fortune
Fate lands over head

Giving time is here
Gifts wrapped in red ribbon
Warm hearts of children

Traveler abroad~ Only two week language course~A cacoepy!

Warm inside my coat, as winter wind blows about
Summer daydreaming

Tangled tides of love, carry her to another
Shipwreck and heart break

Challenge early morn commute
Tail lights fade into the fog
Friday here at last

Silent misery
Pain suffered within the mind
Unseen uloid marks

Rain showered land o'er night
Awaken dawn's early light
Damp grass under foot

Storm battered coastline; 
Residents evacuate; 
Dislocated man

Twilight storm rolls in
Lightning strikes up the town band
Wind and shadow dance

Weary traveler
Collapse upon a soft bed
Long day laid to rest

Reticent thick fog
Melt away in the sun's rays
Witted day shines thru

A bit of silver~to unleash a bound temptress~nine pieces of eight

Bitter poison slays
Give me the antidote now
Please save me good knight

In my younger days
Cartoons filled weekend morns
Now sleep dominates

Lonely days pass by, memory of love remains
Heart still belongs to you

The way is simply
mindful compassion to all
including yourself

Amber colored trees, line the water’s edge in fall
Peninsula’s charm

Your lies only serve to vindicate my silence, 
image isn't all

Don't utter that name
The past can remain buried
She is dead to me

Photographs long lost
Past memories resurface
Trample on my heart

Afternoon slump hits
Time for a walk and a snack
Ah re-energized

Texas autumn days
Warm sun beams reverberate, lifting morning fog

Where are you going, quizzed Leah untrusting; 
Nowhere of concern

Plain as the pale moon; 
Ivory beauty radiates; 
Dancing in blue gown

write feverishly
an original idea
won't get done tonight

Colored autumn trees
Crisp blue sky ore browned hill
Paint nature's landscape

Bake a treat today, mix of pumpkin and spices
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lend me your eye sight; 
Dawn's beauty blooms ore the frost; 
Catch her if you can

A chill in the air
Fog creeps over the city
A fall morn forlorn

Cool breeze blowing
Rain coming in from off shore
Summer heat break

Ozone alert day
Air heavy with pollution
Stay inside today

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Frost Moon

Full moon Dream Board: The Full Frost Moon asks: “What is clear about your dreams? What clarity do you seek?”

Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Moon of Abundance

Today is the Full Moon of Abundance and I've created a full moon 'dream board' to bring in an abundance of grace and love over the coming month. My favorite definition of grace-the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful. By the next full moon let us be in a state of thoughtfulness and consideration spreading light and joy.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn Haiku

A chill in the air,
Banshee winds begin to howl,
Autumn has arrived.

Friday, October 5, 2012

El barco pequeño y azul

El barco pequeño y azul navega en el mar,
Aguanta! Zarandeada!
La tormenta el barco abandonaba violentamente en la playa,
El barco pequeño y azul naufragado,
La tormenta ha terminado.
Es la hora de navegar de nuevo!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

sing me the song of your soul

The flower of truth grows from within
As you sing me the song of your soul
Tears of joy rain from the dark blue sky

Frolic with the gazelle 
Beneath the dancing moon

Radiate your spirit to the world
Celebrate your inner wise woman
Emerge my beautiful butterfly

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rainy Monday Morning

Rain, Thunder
Nature's Alarm Today
Good Morning

Monday Morn
Rain Soaks the Earth
Washes Away the Weekend