Sunday, April 21, 2013

A to Z Poetry: Creative Blogger Award (Haiku Style)

Sometime ago I was nominated for a Creative Blogger Award by Locomente. I'm just now getting around to answering the 15 questions as I decided to answer them by haiku. So here goes my 15 questions:

1       Love

Arched city awaits
Lover's proposal in Spring
With red birds watching

2       Life

Live fully
Otherwise what's the point

3       Tears

Photographs long lost
Past memories resurface
Trample on my heart

4       Marriage

Hearts bound in held hands
Lovers unite on white bridge
Promises whispered

5       Happiness

You will find me
Somewhere o'er the rainbow
Happy and free

6       Fear

Cowardly lion
Afraid of a small spider
King of the jungle

7       Failure

Dust off, Try again
Failure is not an option
Trying is success

8       Nostalgic

In my younger days
Cartoons filled weekend morns
Now sleep dominates

9       Parents

Don't utter that name
The past can remain buried
She is dead to me

10   Friendship

One half the charm
With the token we pledged
Friends forever

11   Writing

write feverishly
an original idea
won't get done tonight

12   Poetry

Math plus art
Feeds the mind and soul

13   Nature

Ebbs and flows collide
God’s masterpiece is nature’s
Surrounding beauty

14   My blog (A Full Cup of Tea)

In order to learn
Pour out my heart, mind, and soul
A full cup of tea

15   About Me (Locomente)

Willing to persevere 
To keep going, to keep writing

Also here are my Nominees to pass along and 15 questions/topics for them. (Please note you don't have to answer in poetic form.)
1. aprille
2. Mark M. Redfearn: Poems and Pieces
3. Haiku Plate Special
4. LLM Calling
Write about your favorite, least favorite, write a poem for each, do whatever, be creative!
Questions/ Topics
1. Mythology
2. Mermaids
3. Fairies/Fae
4. Angels
5. Pets
6.  Weather
7. Season (as in fall, spring, etc.)
8. Flower
9. Tree
10. Celestial bodies (stars, moon, planets, etc)
11. Water
12. Poetry
13. Writing
14. About your (nominee's) blog
15. About me (A Full Cup of Tea)