Saturday, April 27, 2013

A to Z Poetry: X-rated Poems (Discussion Only)

What is X-rated poetry? defines x-rated as:
1. (of a motion picture) having a rating of X; intended for adults only.
2. obscene, sexually explicit, or vulgar: X-rated language; X-rated magazines.

So, poetry having mature content of a sexual nature or obscene language could be considered X-rated. Though, explicit stories and lyrics are not something of modern poetry and rap music. Take the Big Bang Theory's take on Chaucer's 14th century "The Miller's Tale,"


Today's Haiku

Haiku Heights April A to Z: Xerox

copies of my heart
flowing fast in black and white
lost dog, please call

Carpe Diem: Storyteller

tales of old
come alive tonight
like magic