Monday, April 15, 2013

Poetry A to Z: Mini-monoverse Poems

A mini-monoverse poem is a two stanza poem  of five three-syllable lines that usually tells a story with a rhyme scheme of a/a/a/a/a for the first stanza and b/b/b/b/b for the second stanza. A double mini-monoverse poem would add two more stanzas with a rhyme scheme of c/c/c/c/c for the third stanza  and d/d/d/d/d for the fourth stanza. 

I foresee
sails of three
lost at sea
my heart grieves
all for thee

misty morn
doth forewarn
your return
as I mourn
ghostly thorn


Today's Haiku

Haiku Heights April A to Z: Morning Mist

Morning mist
Rises from the sea
Mermaid kiss

Carpe Diem: Pisces (The Fishes)

Locked in a box
To swim with the fishes
Saved by the gods