Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2013: The Big Reveal

In addition to Haiku Heights' April Haiku Challenge that will be following the A to Z theme,  I be explore different poetry forms A to Z not repeating and not including haiku, I haven't decided yet if I will just give the basics of each form or also included a poem I write on each form. (Maybe I'll keep that to myself). If I do write a poem for each form, the post will include a bit about that form at least an example from someone else if I do not write one myself and the Haiku Heights Haiku of the day. I'll try to incorporate the haiku prompts into the poem I write-maybe-or relate the haiku to the other poem. The only letters I had trouble with were X and Y. As it stand now,Y is Yeats Inspired and X is either going to be X-shaped or X-rated unless someone as any legitimate ideas.

Please see the blog sidebar for links to the Reveal and the A to Z Challenge.