Friday, February 15, 2013

Pearls of Confidence

I'm not just another pretty dress
I have marketable skills
You must confess
More than fancy pearls
Valuable knowledge I possess
So, you listen to the tale of this girl

As a young girl
I would often play dress
A wealth of imagination I did possess
Pretending to be a lady with sociable skills
Wearing grandmother's pearls
I got in trouble, I must confess

And I did confess
To being the girl
Who took grandmother's pearls
A punishment my mother did ad-dress
Though I out maneuvered her with my own skills
Cunningness I did possess

A strand of my own to possess
This I longed for, I confess
With patience and honed skills
I could be more than just another girl
A grievance to redress
By obtaining some wisdom pearls

A single strand of pearls
I finally did come to possess
To compliment my wedding dress
More treasured than the gown I do confess
Now a businesswoman, not just a girl,
With a single strand and a host worldly skills

Hard earned skills
And treasured knowledge pearls
To pass along to another girl
Only a strand of confidence I truly possess
To you, the mirror, I confess
As I smooth my dress

Despite the tough talk and all the skills I possess,
I wear the pearls for a boost of luck, I confess.
For deep down, I'm just a nervous girl in a dress.