Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Haiku: Tango

When I saw Carpe Diem #115, Tango (Argentina), I immediately thought of one of the popular movies of my generation to include tango: Moulin Rouge! My friends and I love watching this movie, despite how, I hated it at first because Ewan McGregor's character tells the ending at the beginning. My haiku set today is based on the Spanish verse in the song. A about a man who falls in love with a lady of the night and his pain when she leaves him.

Moulin Rouge: El Tango de Roxanne

Que no te vendas
Yo que te quiero tanto
Qué voy a hacer

Alma se me fue
Se me fue el corazon
Ay, me dejaste

Que no te vendas
No te puedo convencer
Qué voy a hacer

No, me dejaste
Ay, no ganas de vivir
Qué voy a hacer


Don't sell yourself

I love you so
What will I do

I was soul
I missed the heart
Oh, you left me

Don't sell your self
I can't convince
What will I do

No, you left me
Oh, no zest for life
What will I do