Monday, August 12, 2013

The Way Begins

You've come to the House of God for your weekly show to the world, paying your dues as good Christians. But sitting next to you in the pew--I know the truth. The venom of the devil flows from your mouths. Gossiping and cursing your neighbors. When I have a say about the abominations you've become, about how you've twisted the purity of the word, the sanctity of His house-- I am the one out of line. I'm the one not following along.

And looking around, I see the world around me clearly for the first time. How naive  I've been! The world of man pretends to be saintly one day a week and those who question that false holiness are cursed worse than those who pretend. 

No longer will I follow this false path; I will find my own way. Spirituality is not defined by sitting on a church pew on Sunday. There are many paths to God.

the way--a journey
as unique as the person

Carpe Diem Kamishibai #4, Cathedral- My 'autobiographical'-haibun